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Our wealth management team employs bleeding edge trading and risk control tools to maximize profits and minimize downsize risks

hashtechztm crypto bot

automatic trading bot cryptocurrency

An AI-Driven EA Crypto Bot that specializes in arbitrage

  • Monitors over 300 data sources
  • Processes 200 million data points per second
  • Self-updating and l earns from past trades while dapts to changing market conditions
  • Most popular exchanges
  • Fast interface (no setup needed)
  • Arbitrage between cryptocurrencies
  • High speed trade executions
  • Cloud computing resources enable over 200 million data points to be processed per second
  • Trailing stop losses
  • Automated mean-reversion trades
  • Candlestick chart pattern recognition
  • Copy trading
  • 1 leg and 2 leg arbitrage methods
  • Automated trade signal combining
  • High-frequency trade execution

How it work

work algorithm of hashtechztm crypto bot

HashTechzTM Crypto Bot receives inputs from more than 300 data sources, far more than even a team of expert human analysts could ever hope to track. These inputs include:

  • Fundamental market conditions in over 100 countries
  • The evolving regulatory environment including:
  • Securities regulations
  • Cryptocurrency and fintech policies
  • Monetary policies
  • Broad analysis of over 1000 digital currencies
  • Detailed analysis of the top 100 most liquid digital currencies
  • Social media sentiment
  • Crypto-focused message board sentiment

Self-Criticism Leads to Smarter Trades Over Time
No more poorly timed, over-priced software upgrades!
HashTechzTM AI-Driven Crypto Bot is refined over time by feedback mechanisms. This means the more trades it makes, the better it gets at identifying profitable avenues and avoiding costly mistakes. HashTechzTM Crypto Bots’ capacity to learn and modify its own code also eliminates most of the need for expensive human developer hours. This enables us to offer this powerful bot at zero cost!

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