Artificial Intelligence Assisted Trading
Developed by Hashtechz Group

The Evolution of Trading

Conventional Trading

FACT: Only 5% of conventional trades result in profit
The other 95% fail due to a combination of the following problems:

Automated Trading

“Expert Advisor” software, or EA Trading Bots, have seen a dramatic rise in popularity and use over the last five years.
EA Trading Bots are tools that can help traders:

Insufficient time for detailed analysis

Eliminate human error

Lack of information

Analyze and consider more data

Lack of funds

Improve emotional discipline

Slow response time

Execute trades more quickly

Lack of trading skill

Save time

Poor risk management

The Dirty Secret of Traditional EA Trading Bots

The best of these automated trading software solutions do have the potential to bring you consistent profitability with relatively minimal effort on your part. They are certainly better than conventional trading. However, by their nature, traditional EA Trading Bots are static software, and so they are unable to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Traditional EAs are programmed based on past market conditions. They perfectly execute the fixed commands they have been programmed to execute, but they are unable to evolve as the market changes. This means that the window of profitability for most traditional trading bots is very short. In fact, by the time you’ve purchased the software, installed it and set it up, there’s a good chance you’ve already missed the profitability window. The best EA Trading Bot licenses include regular updates; and these are essential to ensure their continued profitability. However, regular updates mean intensive programming is required, which means high overhead costs. Those costs are, of course, passed on to the consumer which means that for many people, the cost of their EA Trading Bot license sucks up most - or all - of the profit earned by the bot.

The Downside of Traditional EA Trading Bots:

  • Expensive to maintain
  • Don’t adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions
AI-Driven AI Bots!
that Improve Themselves

Big-Data = Eyes Everywhere

Hashtechz Group ’s trading engine and platform – developed in-house over the past several years – receives inputs from more than 300 data sources, far more than even a team of expert human analysts could ever hope to track. These inputs include:

  • Fundamental market conditions in over 100 countries
  • The evolving regulatory environment in key markets
  • Monetary policies
  • Social media sentiment

Tracking all these inputs enables HashtechzTM AI-Driven EA Trading Bots to find unique trading opportunities that no one else is exploiting.

Self-Criticism Leads to Smarter Trades Over Time

Say goodbye to expensive software upgrades!

HashtechzTM AI-Driven EA Trading Bots are refined over time by feedback mechanisms. This means the more trades they make, the better they get at identifying profitable avenues and avoiding costly mistakes. Our bots' capacity to learn and modify their own code also eliminates most of the need for expensive human developer hours. This enables us to offer our AI-driven bots at no cost!

Raw Processing Power =
Unparalleled Decision - Making Speed and High-Speed Trade Execution

Cloud computing resources enable over 200 million data points to be processed per second, even when your computer is turned off. Intelligent trading decisions are made based on proven strategies and cross-referenced for consistency.

HashtechzTM AI-Driven EA Trading Bots have reaction and trade execution speeds far quicker than humans could ever hope to achieve. When a trade signal appears (to enter or exit), there is no hesitation. In fast moving market conditions, while a human trader wastes precious time second-guessing his decision, our Bots' lightning-fast processing means they have already executed the trade and moved on to contemplating the next opportunity.

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