Formed in the UK in 2016 with initial registered capital of 50 million GBP, Hashtechz Group has rapidly emerged as a powerful leader in financial technology. Currently with over 100 million GBP in assets, our 2019 acquisition of HashtechzTM Limited positions us perfectly to fulfill our mission to capitalize for our clients on the coming shift in wealth creation that is being driven by the intersection of big data, advancements in AI, and the emerging Internet of value.

As a leading Europe-based player in asset management, we are recognised for:

  • Product Performance and Transparency - our software dev team is at the bleeding edge of AI integration

  • Quality of Relationship - based on long-term advisory approach

  • Efficiency in Operations and Team

  • Commitment to Sustainable Development and Socially Responsible Investments

  • Corporate Investments and Acquisitions


To provide and utilize the best available technologies in the global market to bring the most profitable trading opportunities for our clients. We aim to deliver the most consistent and accurate investment performance, regardless of the financial climate.

We aim to be a best-in-class, one-stop financial and technology service provider, specializing in four key disruptive innovations:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High-frequency Trading
  • Blockchain
  • Digital Assets


We aim to be the world’s leading technology and investment company by providing and diversifying in a range of financial products. We also provide an effective trading and investment platform for our clients. We aim to provide you with access to the best investment and trading ideas and tools, resulting in superior investment and trading performance.

The intersection of Big Data, advancements in AI, and the emerging Internet of Value will reshape the way wealth is created, traded, and stored. Hashtechz Group invests in and develops technologies that put it at the center of the coming shift.

Risk Management Strategies

Our investments and trade options are diversified across forex, commodities, indices, emerging markets, cryptocurrencies, and more.
stop loss mechanism
extensive diversification
pre-trade protection checks
order rate flow control