Hashtechz Group is:
AI Assisted Trading
Intelligent Wealth Management for the Fintech Era

HashtechzTMSeries, AI-Driven Expert Advisor Trading Bots

Nine intelligent bots apply unique arbitrage trading strategies to commodities, futures, binary options, and cryptocurrency markets.

Go cashless with a fast, secure and convenient payment app

  • Integrated cryptocurrency wallet
  • Converts and holds multiple fiat currencies
  • Supports SingXchange Singapore dollars

Designed for deployment in retail environments the POS device and integrated HashPayTM App support marketing automation with

  • Advanced voice activated commands
  • Smart office controls
  • Touch screen for QR code
  • Live camera

The SingXchange ™ Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Liquid trading at the lowest fees
  • Best in class security standards
  • Hedge against volatility with

The SGDX Stablecoin

  • A fully backed, 100% redeemable stable coin
  • Hedge against volatility
  • Instant, near zero fee, global money transfers

Superior Wealth Management in an Era of Rapid Fintech Innovation

  • Our investment thesis focuses on the financial technology innovations that are shaping the new economic world order
  • Our wealth management team employs bleeding edge trading and risk control tools to maximize profits and minimize downsize risks
  • Professional wealth management service provider
  • Investing in the fintech revolution and the Internet of Value (web 3.0)
  • Developing tools that push the frontier of fintech innovation
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The Hashtechz Group Investment Thesis

Big Data + AI + Internet of Value

The Rise of Big Data

Financial data sources and volume of data collected have increased exponentially for the last 20 years.

There are now 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, and the pace of data creation is accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things. Ninety percent of the data currently existing in the digital world was generated in just the last two years.

Thousands of markets across hundreds of countries

Social media content

General news content, blogs, and message boards

Purchasing data



Hidden within all that data are trends and correlations that are treasures waiting for those with the means to uncover them.

The Race to AI Dominance

Self-improving neural networks that learn

Pattern recognition on a global scale

Unprecedented intelligent decision-making speed

The most powerful tools ever created for trading and wealth management

The fourth industrial revolution is being led by artificial intelligence.
AI is a nascent but rapidly growing technology. Hashtechz Group places AI R&D at the core of itsinvestment thesis because:
Armed with the right tools, smart investors and traders can capitalize on the comingrealignment of global wealth

AI can be applied to High Frequency Trading (HFT):
By running the complex HFT algorithms through AI feedback loops, a higher percentage of profitable orders can be executed.

AI can be applied to arbitrage trading:
By compiling and analyzing real-time market and sentiment data from hundreds of sources, then cross referencing with past-trades, AI can uncover arbitrage opportunities and implement a consistently winning trading strategy that adapts and improves over time.

The Internet of Value

The final critical piece for the transition to a fully digital financial world is the emerging Web 3.0 - the Internet of Value. Transacting value digitally is enabled by cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them

Money for a Digital World

  • A censorship resistant global settlement layer that is independent of nations
  • The ability to transact value instantly across borders and at extremely low cost

Verifiable Data

The “trustless” system of value transfer brought by cryptocurrencies also allows us to be sure of the veracity of any important data, not just money. The unalterable consensus mechanism that confirms the veracity of data stored on ledgers distributed around the world, enables the tamper-proof, universally agreed upon data-sets that are essential for the transformation to a fully digital world.

The combination of Big Data, advancements in AI, and the emerging Internet of Value will reshape the way wealth is created, traded, and stored. Hashtechz Group invests in and develops technologies that put it at the center of the coming shift.

Why Hashtechz Group

With over USD 100M of assets and funds under management worldwide, Hashtechz Group is rapidly becoming a leading Europe-based player in asset management. We are recognised for

  • Product Performance and Transparency - our software dev team is at the bleeding edge of AI integration

  • Quality of Relationship - based on long-term advisory approach

  • Efficiency in Operations and Teams

  • Commitment to Sustainable Development and Socially Responsible Investments

  • Corporate Investments and Acquisitions - based on global market trends